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Face Shields

NavMed Supply supplies bulk face shields online. No matter the industry, NavMed Supply offers competitive pricing. Contact us today to learn more about ordering face shields.


Face Shields have been registered with the US FDA by a 3rd party testing facility (SHT- Certificate Attached) and are FDA/CE approved. Face Shields help to protect the user’s eyes from being exposed to respiratory droplets and pathogens.


Bulk Face Shield Features:

- 75% PET + 8.7% sponge + 11.6% elastic +4.7% sticker

- Anti-glare

- Anti-static

- Anti-fogging

- 33cm*22cm

- 3.5 cm thick (room for goggle/mask wear)


Wholesale Face Shields FAQs


Are Face Shields reusable when there are supply shortages?

Face Shields can be washed and reused in times of limited capacity or supply shortages. See the CDC guidelines for how to wash and reuse them in a sanitary way.


How do bulk Face Shield orders work?

Our sales rep will work with you to determine your needs and get the best prices.


Do I have to order in bulk, or can I just buy one Face Shield?

In order to offer the best prices, NavMed Supply only ships bulk Face Shield orders.


Can I wear glasses while using a Face Shield?

Yes, there is room under the Face Shield for users to wear glasses.


Will the Face Shields fog up?

The anti-fogging material will prevent fogging in order to keep a clear view while still helping to reduce the risk of respiratory droplets from reaching the user’s face.


Get bulk Face Shields shipped to your business, hospital, home or any address in the United States.


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