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The Limited Usage of PPE & Supply Shortages

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Mask mandates have become more common at the state and local levels as the current pandemic has spread throughout the United States. This has increased the necessity for businesses that remain open during the pandemic to find sources of highly sought personal protective equipment (PPE).

Additionally, with students returning to classrooms around the country, there will be an increased demand for face masks and other facial coverings. Face masks, along with hand hygiene and social distancing, will be necessary to protect teachers and students from contracting viruses such as COVID-19.

NavMed Supply is able to provide bulk supplies of N95, KN95, 3-Ply face masks, and face shields. The CDC recommends eye protection, such as face shields, to ensure an additional level of protection in combination with face masks. NavMed Supply also supplies medical gowns and Tyvek suits, which is crucial for healthcare facilities and individuals who have higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 patients.

Optimizing PPE Supply

According to the CDC, the sudden surge in PPE demand has created a ‘crisis capacity’ in the supply of PPE. This has required healthcare facilities and businesses to strategize their use of PPE in order to conserve their supplies while still preventing the spread of the virus. Crisis capacity occurs when the utilization rate is higher than the replenishment rate, which leads to supply shortages. In order to prevent these shortages from occurring, it is crucial that facilities monitor their PPE supply chains and utilization rate.

Due to the increased demand from various industries, facilities should consider identifying alternative supply sources for PPE in order to prevent unexpected supply shocks from impacting their inventories. NavMed Supply has a robust and reliable supply chain that enables us to offer affordable bulk PPE sales for businesses, healthcare facilities, or any other end-user with a need for PPE equipment.

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