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School PPE Supplies Distributor

With education institutions across the nation accessing whether to open or implement remote learning, it is important to be prepared with ppe supplies for schools.

PPE supplies for schools in the United States are very important for protecting students, teachers, and the other school staff. Moreover, every school should have a PPE distributor.

NavMed Supply offers school PPE equipment including n95 face masks, isolation gowns and face shields.

Make NavMed Supply your school PPE supplier in the United States.

school ppe supplier
PPE Supplier for Schools in the United States

What Do Schools PPE Supplies Include

A wide variety of things are included in the PPE kits for students and staff. We have discussed all these things below:

Quality face masks for schools

Face covering includes face shields, 3-ply face masks, respirators N95 and KN95. The face coverings are essential to use, especially in places like schools where it is difficult to maintain social distance.

A face covering is a great way to stop the spread of coronavirus. Both infected and un-infected person should wear the face-covering as it prevents the infected droplets from getting into the air and also protect the person from in taking the infected droplets.

Hand Sanitizer

CDC recommends that everyone should wash their hands frequently with soap and water to prevent themself from COVID-19.

However, in schools, it is quite challenging to wash hands with soap and water. So as an alternative, both students and teachers can use the hand Sanitizer. Pocket hand sanitizers are very easy to carry. The students can take the hand sanitizer to every place and can sanitize their hands without disturbing anyone.


Another important thing for both students and teachers is gloves. Gloves will help you to keep your hand safe from the infected droplets.

Research shows that the COVID-19 droplets can survive on the different objects for 6hr to 48 hrs depending on the material of the object.

There are chances that you might get the infection by touching these objects, so it is essential to wear gloves. Moreover, in places like school, a lot of people are present, and all of them touches different object so by wearing gloves, both student and teachers can keep them safe.


When schools do start to re-open they need to follow the proper precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. NavMed Supply is a ppe distributor for schools across the nation.

Get in touch with NavMed Supply to get wholesale ppe for schools.

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