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How to Keep Employees Safe When Returning to Work

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Currently, the whole world is dealing with the coronavirus. However we must truly thank healthcare workers, hospitals, sanitation crews, researchers, and other COVID-19 heroes who continuously work to make everything normal.

Due to their relentless efforts, many states are now allowing the reopening of various businesses. Moreover, these businesses need to follow the same safety restrictions and precautions to make sure that both their employees and customers remain safe from the coronavirus.

So in this article, we will discuss some tips that, as a business owner, that will be very helpful for you to keep your employees safe.

Whether anyone works in a restaurant, school, office, retail space, or another venue, they will soon return to work. So as the owner of these places, one should follow the security measures that we have outlined in this article to keep all their employees safe.

1. No Need to Come at Work if you are Sick

Firstly create a policy that if your employees are sick, then they did not need to come to work. Moreover, every person needs to be alert about their health. They should do everything they can do to stop the spread of the dangerous coronavirus.

Fever and cough are the symptoms of coronavirus. So if any of your employees have fever or cough, then make sure they go to the doctor for virus checkup. Otherwise, that employee can spread that virus to other employees too.

2. Do Partnering with Healthcare Entities

Many businesses are using this method to ensure the safety of their employees, and you can also do this. You can be partnering with healthcare entities to provide COVID-19 antibody, bulk PPE supplies, and disease management counseling to your employees.

As an owner of your business, find out what you can do to keep your employees safe from this deadly virus. The CDC website is something to visit frequently to stay updated.

3. Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing is very useful in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you arrange workspace with all the requirements so your staff can maintain a safe distance from one another person while working.

Take every precaution so your employees can follow the social distancing rules. If any of your employees are not following the social distancing rules, then don't shout on them instead of it tell them why social distancing is essential for their safety.

4. Use of Face Masks

A face mask (n95 masks or kn95 masks for example) is necessary to use these days. Especially in places where it is challenging to follow social distancing rules. If in your business, you need to interact with various people, then a face mask is one of the essential things for your employees.

A face mask will not only protect your employees, but it will also help in protecting your customers. Coronavirus spreads when the infected person talks, coughs, or sneeze due to which the droplets from their mouth or nose come into the air and lands into the other person.

So a mask acts as a barrier, and it prevents your droplets from going out and even makes sure you don't intake the droplets of the infected person. Both infected and non-infected persons should use the mask.

5. Do Remote Work If Possible

If you can effectively conduct your business work by letting your employees work from home, then do that. Try to create an environment in which the majority of your staff works remotely from their places.

Try this at least for a short time, and if everything goes right, then you can continue it until we get the permanent solution for this deadly coronavirus.

If it is not possible to work remotely, then you can go with the traditional method, but make sure you follow all the precautions. And maybe even look into taking some supplements to help stay healthy.


If you are planning to reopen your business or you already opened it, then make sure you follow the above five tips to keep your employees safe. Also, provide your employees with all the necessary equipment like PPE supplies, face masks, tyvek suits and other things they need to be safe from the coronavirus. Not sure where to get PPE supplies? Get in touch with NavMed Supply.

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