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Dental PPE: Supplies for Dentists

Get wholesale PPE supplies for dentists in America with NavMed Supply.

Dental PPE Supplies Includes:

· Face masks

· Isolation gowns

· Face shields

· Protective gloves

· And more dental PPE

PPE supplies for dentists is essential, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. Every practice is responsible for proper safety, hence why bulk gowns and face masks for dentists are offered by NavMed Supply.

ppe distributor for dentists
PPE Supplier for Dentists in the United States

Moreover, minimizing the risk of cross-infection is the main aim of every dental surgery. So in order to maximize the quality of patient care, protect patients, and protect dental staff, it is essential to add PPE in Standard Precautions for infection prevention and control.

What is Dental PPE?

In the dental profession, the term PPE describes all the protective equipment that a dentist or dental nurse needs to use during the treatment.

A PPE equipment does not permit the blood or OPIM to pass through to or to reach to the clothes, and mucous membranes.

Moreover, typically the PPE Kit includes the following elements:

Protective Clothing for Dental Practices

The protective clothing includes medical gowns and Tyvek suits with long sleeves. Both of them protect the dentist's forearm and other body parts.

The protective clothing acts as a barrier against splash, spatter, or spray of infectious fluids. Furthermore, the protective need to be changed daily. Whenever any person leaves the workplace, it is essential to remove the protective clothing and place it in a proper area for disposal or washing.

Task-Specific Gloves for Dental Practices

Dentists wear gloves to prevent and reduce the risk of contaminating their hands with any type of dangerous substance. Moreover, gloves reduce the risk of cross-infecting in the clinical process.

Dentist wears the gloves during the start of the treatment and removes at the end of the treatment. They need to remove the gloves aseptically. So the glove doesn't touch the bare skin.

Both surgical and nonsurgical gloves are single-use items, which mean they cannot be washed. So once after using the gloves, they should be appropriately disposed of.

Surgical Masks for Dental Practices

Surgical masks, also known as 3-Ply masks, protect the face of the wearer by covering both nose and mouth. Moreover, surgical masks have a filtration efficiency of 95% for microorganisms greater than 3 microns.

Surgical masks are not re-usable, so similarly, like hand gloves, they should be disposed of properly after use. If the surgical mask becomes wet from exhaled air or contaminated with infectious droplets, then the dentist should not touch the mask directly with their hand because it might expose the virus to their hands.

Respirator Masks for Dental Practices

Respirators Mask includes N95 and KN95 masks. The N95 and KN95 mask have excellent filtration efficiency against microscopic particles.

Furthermore, during the time of this coronavirus, the N95 and KN95 masks are recommended to use. They have a very adjustable strap due to which they gave a very comfortable fit over the mouth and nose.

Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear includes side shields or face shields. These face shields protect the dentist from splash, splatter, and aerosols.

Not only dentists but even the patients can also use the face shield to protect themself and their eyes from spatter and debris generated during the clinical process.

However, the face shields should be cleaned frequently with soap and water.

Conclusion for Dental PPE

If your practice is in need of wholesale dental PPE, then you should not wait to accomplish that task. Reach out to NavMed Supply via phone, email or fill out a form. 10,000+ minimum order for wholesale pricing on PPE for dentists.

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